What Others Are Saying

bookcover2This book has forever blessed my life! Not only can I personally relate to so many of the topics that Joyce talks about, it truly ministered to me in so many areas that I had “swept under the carpet”. Healing through the Word of God is the key to living a life FULL of peace and joy…and this book walks you through that. So many times, we tend to turn to things or to people to try and fill the “holes” that we have created…but there is ONE who will take you in His loving arms and make you feel complete…like no other can. Joyce, thank you so much for sharing the words that God has given you. Your book has helped me in more ways than I can ever tell you!! And God, thank YOU for this amazing woman who uses the precious gifts You have given her to help a hurting world. Please bless her Father!! I love you Joyce!! AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!
– Kristi Cole (Tyler, TX)

Joyce is a living testimony of what God can do and wants to do in our lives. She was willing to give it ALL to God and in return she now has the freedom we all strive for!! Lets all take a lesson from Joyce and put our complete TRUST IN GOD and let God heal us from our past!!!! Great book Joyce!!!!
– Deborah Noonan (Naples, FL)

Joyce Schneider has written this book in a manner that one does not want to put it down until you’re finished reading it from cover to cover. She has put her passion, empathy, emotions and pain in sentences that reach into one’s inner self, especially if you have also endured the same type of experience. Through her words, she and her strong faith in God takes the wounded heart out of the darkness and into the light, to be healed with time and trust. I would recommend it to any and every woman, whether they have endured a similar happening in their life or not. There is much to be learned for all.
– BJ (Yakima, WA USA)

You can’t help but feel personally connected with Joyce Schneider while reading this. Here’s an “ordinary” woman making extraordinary strides as a Christian. She has a sincere and engaging way of showing us what God can do to heal all hurts. My heartfelt thanks to Joyce for sharing her inner-most thoughts and feelings. I’m hooked and can’t wait to read more by Joyce.
– J. Kozlowsky (Naples, FL)

Joyce has a way of inviting you into her world, opening doors both for healing and growth in a personal way. It’s like meeting a new friend and becoming intimately close in a matter of chapters. Not only do you get to meet Joyce, she introduces you to the love of her life and offers Him to you as well … not her husband, HER GOD! Joyce makes it plain that GOD is the center of her healing, her life and her world. God’s Blessings flow through her writing and into her life. I enjoyed it so much!
– Heather W. Johnston (Jacksonville, FL)

I found Joyce’s book to be a testament on how to take our issues to the Lord and let Him help us when the times are tough. Joyce tells her story and it is like you are sitting there listening to her tell it. Like how you do with a friend, talk of a topic, go to another and then if you feel like you need to talk more about the first one, you go back to it. It isn’t a “I’m healed” from my pain book, but a book that shows how it may take some time and also that it will always be a work in progress. Thanks for a view in your life Joyce.
– S. Dillard Hamm (NC)

Joyce’s story “Chili and Chocolate Cake” is a must for every man woman and teenager. It’s a manual for what not to do, and if you have done it how to find the way out. She writes as if I have known her all my life and she is speaking just to me, telling me her story and my tears flowed. I can’t wait to read her next book.
– J. M. Hargreaves (Queensland, Australia)

This is one of the best books I have ever read. This author has of way of reaching out to the reader. Non judgmental but profound in its assessment of how abortion and loss of a child can have devastating consequences in a woman’s life. She describes in detail her feelings and how she viewed the world at the time of her losses. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had an abortion, or lost a child in a miscarriage. Some of the questions you may have asked your self may be in this book. Great book for any woman to read. Great for a husband trying to understand his mate at a time of loss.
– Rosie Johnson (Naples, Florida)

Joyce Schneider authors the best cookbook I’ve ever read. Her recipes (personal trials) take you from the bondage of Satan’s lies (like that first failure in the kitchen)to the freedom of God’s forgiveness, mercy and saving grace (experienced cook, always open to learn more and sharing what she knows with others). She reveals her heart and also the promises and healing that only God can offer. I highly recommend reading this book and then sharing it with others as you would your favorite cookbook.
– Janet C. Brink (Stockton, CA)

Joyce Schneider takes you on a journey of her most personal struggles with life and her most profound finding of her spirit. She shares her pain and then rebuilds her life with the acceptance of God and His miracles of truth, love, and the powers to heal. Her honest approach to her life’s struggles sparks hope and lights a path to all of us who have experienced life’s turmoil. It is a wonderful testimony of finding peace in a world plagued with pain and suffering.
– Erik South (Florida)