Have you ever felt empty inside, wishing you hadn’t done that ‘thing’ that leaves you feeling shame, guilt, regret or discouragement? Or maybe you can’t forgive another for the ‘thing’ they did to you.

The scenarios are endless, but the end result is the same, you feel worthless. Sometimes you don’t even feel like you are worthy of living. If this describes you, take heed, there is hope and healing for you!

Jesus tells us:

The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
– John 10:10

Are you ready to experience that full life that is rightfully yours?

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 Joyce’s New Book Is Now Available!

Have you been taught that Jesus loves you, but you can never quite feel the love?  Are you wondering if this is really all there is to life; challenges and struggles?  Are you tired of living in the mess? 

If so, Joyce Schneider wants you to know that God wants something more for you. In her newest book, she uncovers some of the struggles that we all have but rarely feel comfortable sharing. Joyce uses her real-life experiences to show others that they are not alone.  She encourages us through her story that God wants more for us and that when we learn to believe and receive His love, life can be filled with hope!

In this confessional and inspirational guide, Joyce shows us how God can turn a messed up life into a message of hope for all.  Male or female, young or old, you will be encouraged by this heartfelt story,  If God is So Good, Why Is My Life Such a Mess?


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Joyce Schneider is a wife, mother, pastor, author, missionary, and speaker living in Naples, Florida with her husband and sons. Joyce uses her real life experiences to share healing and hope through faith in Jesus Christ.

Joyce has a passion for helping hurting woman, especially those suffering from past abortions, miscarriage or stillborn birth. She understands the hurt left inside from these traumatic events.

Her writings share her experiences in walking out her faith in day to day life; her discovery that God doesn’t want our perfection, but rather our hearts. Joyce would love to come to your event and share God’s message of healing and hope!